Treatment Costs

Treatment costs vary depending on the appropriate treatment plan to address your unique anatomy, current condition and particular symptoms. To assess these factors and determine whether you are a good candidate for various non-invasive snoring treatments, Dr. Macdonald performs an in-person examination and consultation.

The fee for consultation is $150.

Below is a general price range for the two non-invasive procedures most commonly performed in our office to reduce snoring, sleep apnea, and/or nasal allergy-related issues:

  • Pillar® Procedure
    • $4,000 – $4,200 (includes placement of 5-6 implants)
  • Coblation® Turbinate Reduction
    • $ 1,300 (discount applied when combined with Pillar® treatment)

Payment Options

At San Francisco Snoring, we accept the following payment options: cash, check, gift certificate, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or HSA check (health savings account).

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