Physician Education Conferences

As a leader in the field of minimally invasive treatments for snoring, sleep apnea, and other airway disorders, Dr. Macdonald is often invited to speak at physician education conferences.

In April 2012, Dr. Macdonald was invited to speak at the Australian Society of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) Annual Meeting in Adelaide, Australia. In November 2012, Dr. Macdonald’s been asked to make a trip back to the South Pacific to speak at the 65th Annual General & Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Society of OHNS in Wellington, New Zealand.

For an in-depth education, listen to his full Australian Society lecture on snoring and sleep apnea.

Community Health Education Talks

Dr. Macdonald periodically hosts free community health talks to educate consumers on various treatment options for snoring, sleep apnea, and other airway conditions.

In taking the time to adequately inform you about your options, Dr. Macdonald empowers you to confidently make educated decisions about improving your health. If you are interested in attending one of these seminars, please call our office for details.