If you suffer from annoying and often debilitating environmental allergies, performing Coblation® with a nasal turbinate channeling device is extremely effective. It helps patients alleviate the miserable symptoms brought on by chronic allergies.

Using Coblation® technology—also known as cold ablation—turbinate reduction is performed on the inferior nasal turbinates. The inferior turbinates are balloon-shaped tissue on the outer walls of the inside of the nose. This procedure shrinks the irritated and inflamed turbinate tissue to widen the nasal airway, improve airflow and thus reduce your sinus pressure, congested nose or constant nasal drip.

You may also snore or struggle with allergy symptoms if your nasal airway is further restricted because of a deviated septum. This can be the result of trauma or genetics.

Dr. Macdonald can also help you with this problem, which typically requires a septoplasty.

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